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tv   Eyewitness News Morning Edition  CBS  December 9, 2010 6:00am-7:00am EST

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hello again, at the top of the hour, it's another cold day.
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there's a fire at huber farm. you might find frost on the top of your vehicle and meteorologist tim williams is in for the vacationing marty bass. definitely chilly start to the day. temperatures around freezing. we're starting off in the 20s. parts of the area down in the teens right now. 32 hour forecast high. mostly sunny, bries zip and cold. the wind chill will not be as harsh as it has been over the last few days, cold with increased clouds down around 18 at bwi-marshall and times of clouds and sun. we have a milder day but it comes with a bit of a cost. we'll talk about that. >> the baltimore parkway figures in. we have a new accident. it's block lanes. take a look. this is 295 northbound at the
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beltway. you can see only the right lane getting by at this point. we're always looking at a backup. ima sure that delay will continue -- i'm sure that delay will continue to grow. meantime watch for a few other accidents. one of them is at dundalk. we also have one at garrison and another at anne arundel at bay front road. the fire investigation continues in the city. that has baltimore street closed between south street and gate street. holiday blocked between fayette and baltimore. take lexington or gill ford avenue. if you're traveling in annapolis on st. margaret road all lanes are blocked due to a down pole. take 50 there instead there. is a lock at your speeds around the beltway as well as 95. everything is at full speed. big problems on 295 northbound. that's going to be at the
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beltway. remember, wjz is always on. you can always log on to back to you. here's what people are talking about, a terrorist bomb plot in baltimore county. this morning we're learning more about an fbi sting which has landed a local man behind bars. they say he was trying to kill american soldiers. wjz and mike schuh live outside the federal courthouse downtown. >> reporter: court papers show that the 21-year-old naturalized sit disn converted to islam a few years ago. he did not have the ability to make a bomb himself so he tried to recruit four different people. two told him no. one tried to talk him out of this and the fourth was an fbi informant. the fbi said 21-year-old antonio martinez tried to bomb this military recruiting center in
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catonsville. for two months an undercover agent met with martinez who also goes by muhammad hussain. the affidavit quotes martinez saying, we will blow one recruiting gonna be able to get recruited at that one, then we hit another one, then we hit another one. no more recruiting in maryland. >> the defendant initiated the idea of attacking u.s. and targeting this particular army recruiting center. >> reporter: the agent supplied him with a make bomb. when martinez tried to det ton night this, he was arrested. >> throughout the investigation, the fbi seeks to clarify the intent, challenging need to go forward with this >> reporter: martinez responded saying each and every muslim in this country knows that america is at e not
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doing anything about it. no one is stepping up to do anything. we have to be the ones to pull the trigger. the fbi said martinez was aware of the arrest of a mort and man who tried to detonate a fake bomb. the informant said martinez told him he thought of nothing but jihad. mike schuh reporting. don, back to you. the bomb plot is of interest to everyone. here's kai jackson to continue hour complete coverage. >> reporter: according to court documents, antonio martinez lived in this house on main avenue in northwest baltimore. >> unbelievable. i mean, right here in the neighborhood we got somebody like that living next to us. >> reporter: federal authorities said martinez' views were becoming hostile and visible. on a facebook page he said, quote the sword is coming. the reign of oppression is about to cease.
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>> we're likely to see a more of these cases where the fbi is getting close to individuals who are not only expressing intent but a concrete desire to kill fellow citizens. >> reporter: many marylanders are on edge. some watched as agents moved in and arrested martinez. >> we were standing at the counter and heard a loud bang behind our store. we saw the fbi, full tactical gear. >> we have another place across the street. it's a little more scary over there. >> reporter: kai jackson, wjz, eyewitness news. >> martinez face several felony charges including using a weapon of mass destruction. remember, wjz is always on for you. for extensive details, go to city homicide detectives were kept busy overnight
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investigating three shootings. according to our media partner, the baltimore sun police were called to a shooting on woodington road and westwood and clifton avenue. one of the persons shot died. the other two were hospitalized. police are investigating the death of ronni chasen. now they said the gun used by the person of interest to shoot himself was the same one used in her murder. she was coming back from a movie when smith pulled up next to her car on a bicycle and shot her. police say he acted alone. >> this was a random act of violence with mr. smith's background. we believe it was most likely a robbery gone bad. >> it had been said before that he was the hit man for someone
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else. an off season oriole is make national news. outfielder luke scott had some provocative views about the president. scott insisted the president is not a u.s. citizen and therefore shouldn't be in the who's. scott then accused the president of dodging questions about his citizenship. those theories have been debunked many times as the president was born in hawaii. the orioles said luke scott's opinion does not reflect that of the organization. from zero to sold out in less than two hours, racing fans sold presale tickets to next creditor's grand prix at a cost of $900 each. general admission tickets will go on small next -- sale next
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month. todd heap left the game and is still hobbling around with a ham string injury and is not happy about it. >> there's not a worst feeling as far as sports and competition and your job. there's not a worst feeling, prepared so hard all year long, off season and have it come down in that big game. >> at this point heap is listed as doubt. the ravens back on the road and back on wjz. you can she them take on the texans on monday night right here on wjz 13. our special live coverage kicks off at 8:00. so sunday night, a nationally televised game. now monday night a nationally
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televised game. >> we were determining where they were. reliant stadium is where they're plague. 8:30 is the kickoff. 70 degrees in the dome. i've never seen a football game in the dome. i think this will be cool. >> or warm. speaking of comfort, but not necessarily warm. >> reporter: it is warm. it's very toasty. that bon fear, not only is this beautiful and bright but it feels really good. when we come back i'll tell you how you can see the bonfire and santa as well at huber farm. the details coming up when the morning edition of eyewitness news comes back.
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we'll go over to the first warning weather center to tim and his new title.
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>> thank you. thank you very much. no. you may rise. thank you so much -- weather emperor. it's a long story, folks. don't even ask. right around 21. 13 is the dew point, very dry. 70% relative humidity but the dryness is what you'll feel when you go outside. winds are from the west at five miles an hour. temperatures as cold as 14 in oakland. 27 in cumberland. 27 in d.c. and easton. everyone else in the low 20s. we're going to see the cooler temperatures staying with us for the majority of the next two weeks or so we have already started to seat projections into next week. we'll get a bit of a break. temperatures starting tomorrow in the 40s, 40s on saturday and sunday. as mild air builds in because of high pressure we'll see less and
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less wind. we'll be watch mag storm system moving in from the west. when the storm system gets here this take as southerly route and dip. as it moves on out, we'll see rain for the majority of that storm system late saturday night into sunday. as it starts to move out it pulls in colder air. our western suburbs from carol county out towards garrett and allegheny county could see more of a rain snow mix. we could be watching that developing saturday neat into sunday and has it moves on out it will turn more into a mixed event. we'll cope you post -- keep you posted. we're going up to 32 degrees, mostly sunny, breezy and cold. we're looking for increased clouds heading into tomorrow and temperatures going up to 40 degrees. times of clouds and sun.
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for the next five days 40 degrees. and then the temperature stays cold on monday and tuesday. overnight lows in the teens. don. >> thank you. there's been a bit of a problem on the roads. here's sharon gibala. we can show you a live picture of 295 northbound at the beltway. you can see we have an accident there. it is blocking two left lanes. only the right lane is getting by. watch for sluggish conditions. meantime, lake in dundalk also. that one at mayor boulevard and another one at ridgewood and one more in loathe thyian. investigation continues into the fire from a few days ago. commerce is closed between baltimore and water and a pole down in annapolis.
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that's block st. margaret. take route 50 instead. as far as delays we don't have any because of this accident on 295 northbound. that is approaching the beltway. this traffic is brought to you by your toyota dealer. toyota buy right the first time. over to you. >> thank you very much. if you're wron consider iting about the title -- wondering about the title, search captain awesome, and you'll figure it out. let less go to gigi with the fire burning behind her. >> reporter: this fire feels so good. i told carol, our photographer, don't move me from this spot. it feels great. we're at huber farm. they have a contest where you take santa out of the mall f
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santa has rain -- if santa has reindeer, he's got to be on a farm. this is it. good morning. >> how are you. this is huber's holiday sleigh ride, the second year of it. it's a great place to bring the kids. take a ride on our magic sleigh. we have over 30 scenes and displace. take as many photos as crop want. hang out next to the fire. it's been fun. >> they're used to seeing him at the mall. >> we wanted to start a new tradition. we do christmas trees and wreaths. you can do a one stop shop, get your tree, visit with santa. >> what's really comool is this is not all that huber does. you have this going on all year long. >> we do easter egg hunts.
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>> we were talking. you were calling the whole thing tour ex-where you have people coming out to farms to get back to nature. >> more than just getting food on the farm. it's experiencing the farm life sometime and take a part in that. >> so, then, tell me about these times. >> we are open friday, saturday, sunday and it's weather per myth but huber is our website. >> i have to say thank you very much because you woke up at 4:30 this morning to get this thing burning. you did say weather permitting. remember last year all that snow we got. this wiped out everything. this year's got to be good. got to have the kids come out to
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the farm to see santa. >> is there an admission price? >> there is an admission price. five bucks. >> that's it. >> kids from one to 100, five bucks. >> all right. it's cold. >> right. i'm going back. thank you. >> stay close to the fire. agritourism. farmers have to do something with the farms during the off season. >> you can see 95 going by. >> i thought with all the lights, they were reindeer. they were cars. >> the interstate. with hanukkah wrapping up, wjz is asking to see your holiday decorations. email photos to us and then look
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for your photos as part of the big slideshow at ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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here's mary bubala to update
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the standings. good morning. sports director mark viviano is starting to extend his lead on the bobblehead leader board. he has 123 -- 127 point. jarred jarred is at 123. adam may at 121 and stan sawners at 119. sharon of baltimore got 15 out of 16 games correct. she's -- she thought the steelers would beat the ravens. you can still sign up to play. go to scroll down to the football challenge on the right hand side of the page. back to you. the ravens are back on the road and back on wjz in
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prime-time. our special coverage kicks off 8:00 right here on wjz 13. yet to come, the queen of soul recovering from surgery. what sources say she's battling and an update on her condition this morning sometime in' mike schuh live at federal court. the bomb is fake. his jail cell is real. the county man who tried to bomb a military recruiting center when we return. i'm manuel gallegus in new york. thousands of people pass through strawberry field in new york to remember john lennon. that story coming up. we're already looking at a handful of problems including this one on 295. details straight ahead. right now we send it over to tim. we do get a few mild days this coming weekend but it comes with a cost. that cost could be a little white. we'll explain in your forecast.
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danica patrick is a well-known name ination. she joins us top talk about the local grand prix. stay tuned. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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hello again. it is exactly 6:30. you can see the sun on the eastern horizon. it's another very cold day to start. sharon is watching your day to work and tim williams is in for the vacationing marty bass. we're almost 20 degrees below where we typically would be, 15 to 20 degrees below. with' starting off in the -- we're starting off in the 20s. our average is just under 50 degrees, right around 48 to 49. cloudy -- clouds will increase but it stays cold. times of clouds and sun, 40 degrees. we'll have a few mild days but
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there is a little precipitation in the forecast. we'll see how to affects you. don? >> here is sharon at wjz traffic control. >> reporter: good morning. we do have some accidents. one of them is on 295. you're going to watch for that one at the northbound lanes. looks like they are making progress clearing that up. it is blocking two left lanes. another accident working that one on dundalk and one at garrison and ridgewood. fire investigation continues. that's blocking -- commerce between baltimore and water or take gill ford avenue. there's a pole down blocking st. margarets. take route 50 there instead. starting to see minor delays on the beltway. 51 miles an hour your average
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between 795 and 95 with a 12 minute drive time. taking another live look at 295 at the beltway. this traffic report is brought to you by your toyota dealer. toyota buy right the first time. toyota moving forward. back over to you. the top of the news, the nation's eyes are on this hear because a baltimore county man is accused of trying to blowp a military recruiting center here aiming to kill soldiers. mike schuh is outside the courthouse downtown. >> reporter: the fbi said the citizen did not know how to make a bomb so he approached four people. two refused. one tried to talk him out of it and the fourth was an informant. the fbi said 21-year-old antonio martinez tried to bomb this military recruiting center in
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catonsville. if not for a fake bomb he would have done just that. for two months an undercover agent met with the man who also goes by muhammad hussain. the affidavit quotes martinez as saying, we will blow one recruiting gonna be able to get recruited at that one, then we hit another one, then we hit another one. no more recruiting in maryland. >> the defendant initiated it. >> reporter: the agent supplied martinez with a make bo -- bomb. when he tried to detonate it, he was arrested. >> throughout the investigation, the fbi seeks to clarify the intent, challenging need to go forward with this >> reporter: martinez said
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each and every muslim in this country knows that america is at e not doing anything about it. no one is stepping up to do anything. we have to be the ones to pull the trigger. the fbi said martinez was aware of the arrest of a portland man who tried to detonate an fbi fake bomb there at a public gathering. martinez reappears in court on monday morning. don, back to you. martinez told a judge that he has a job working construction and that he cannot afford an attorney, so he was assigned a public defender. remember, wjz is always on. for extensive details of the plot, go to the jewish community known as shomrim is staying on the streets. last night jewish and black leaders met a consensus that there aren't enough facts to
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stop the patrols even though one of the members, eliyahu werdesheim is accused of hitting a black teenager in the head with a walkie-talkie. werdesheim said he was acting in self-defense. police are investigating a rape inside a retirement community. she said she was raped in gaithersburg. investigators are now going through security camera footage there. a cyber war is being waged and wikileaks supporters appear to be on its front lines. the website was taken down and credit card information was compromised. they took down the websites of both master card and visa which stopped processing donations to the wikileaks foundation. aretha franklin is said to be recovering well this morning
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has word leaks out she may have pancreatic cancer. the 68-year-old queen of assume underwent surgery last week but her publicist is not commenting that it was to treat that type of cancer. jesse jackson visited her and said she is in good spirits. alarming new research about the dangers of cigarette smoking or being around someone smoking a diswret. a surgeon general's report said there's another risk besides lung cancer, that risk instant desmght the 7,000 chemical unless each puff of cigarette smoke are known to trigger heart attacks because the chemicals make the blood more sticky and cause clots. turning to sports, the orioles keep one of the few success stories hanging around the clubhouse. he had become a free agent. the orioleses wanted to keep him. he's the first japanese player to play for the birds.
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and it's still college football season. an american tradition happens this weekend. it's the meeting between army and nay vi. you can see it here on wjz saturday afternoon at 2:30. there's a new michael jackson video hitting the internet just before his first posthumus album is released. check it out. the video showcases jackson -- a duet with acon called hold my hand. images are mixed with dancing and singing. the album is to go on sale next tuesday. the other big story, an oregon man was fed up with
6:38 am
having his name mixed up with his dad, so he decided to go to court to change it. doug last smith, jr. has changed his name to captain you a some. it now appears on his state i.d. he got the idea from a television show. 30 years ago americans were waking up to the news that john lennon was dead, muredded the night -- murdered the night before. there was a remembrance at strawberry field in central park. here's manuel gallegus. >> reporter: remembering john lennon. >> this was a great month. >> reporter: thousands passed by. >> there's not a year goes by that i don't think about him. >> he's just a none loving guy. >> reporter: all day long there was singing and shared memories,
6:39 am
and near the moment of his death a somber silence. paul mccartney talked about his his friends in an interview with the "the early show." >> something sort of inspirational about it. >> reporter: three days before he was killed here in front of the dakota apartments, lennon gave a nine-our interview to rolling stones magazine. in the aftermath of the shooting, much of this went unpublished until now. that's lennon talking about living in new york. >> we were coming for a short visit. we just never went back. >> reporter: lennon said he had no interest in becoming a dead hero like other pop high cons who had gone before him. fact the 40-year-old was optimistic about his future
6:40 am
saying he had plenty of time to accomplish his goals. manuel gallegus, cbs news, new york. >> the last time i was in new york we walked up central park west to go somewhere and there were still tourists, obviously, taking pictures of the entrance to the dakota where job was shot. >> my first -- if you're a beatle fan you have a favorite song. >> i liked them all. >> my first recollection of knowing anything about them was the famous ed sullivan introduction -- ladies and gentlemen, the beatles. i remember that that's a whirlwind for them. 40 years of life he accomplished so much. >> and got so much coverage by us and all of us wanted to see it. 32 degrees today, cold and chilly. >> and coming up, race car
6:41 am
driver danica patrick. she's making strides for women on the race track and is talking about a serious lung condition that affected her family. she also talks about the grand prix. sharon will have the latest on traffic and tim will have the weather. weather. looks like this will be a,,,, [ whistles ]
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they say on a clear day you can see forever. we can see the moon. aliens live here we're told. some would say aliens live there. we're talking about how gorgeous the sky is. it's stark blue, dry conditions, just very cold and crisp. that's what we're deal wsmght so the dome, the -- with. so the dome is bright. we have 21 degrees. it's a cold day. you need to give yourself a minute to adjust. that cold air will get your attention and straighten you up. 70% relative humidity. west wind at five miles an hour.
6:45 am
temperatures as cold has 14 -- as 14 in oakland. 23 in hagerstown where the winds are coming in from the west. just a light breeze today, not as brisk as it has been. the winds will subside from what they've been. we'll call it a breezy day, not a windy day. that will make for a difference in the wind chill. high pressure is in control of our forecast. seeing less and less lake-effect snow. we'll see the high eventually easing off and allowing for milder air to move. we'll see the mild air. we'll gap 40 degrees. below our average of 48. we gap to near 50 on saturday and sunday. then we'll watch a storm system taking a bit of a southerly route and mixing with that mild air to bring us rain late saturday into sunday. by the time that system gets out
6:46 am
of here on sunday night we could see colder air mixing in on the edges. we could see temperatures cold enough to mix with snow. 32 down into the 18-degree range. times of clouds and sun. then 43 on saturday. 45 on sunday. 32 on monday and tuesday. that coating of snow could be from frederic county to the west. that will be sunday night. >> let's go straight to sharon gibala. >> we cleared up the accident on 295. take a lock at this -- look at this latest wreck. the ramp is jammed, as you can see. we'll try to get you more information. >> only one other accident, that one at ridgewood. they continue to do cleanup that has baltimore street closed.
6:47 am
holiday closed between fayette and baltimore and so is commerce. your alternates include lexington and gill ford avenue. take route 50. speeds starting to slow on the top and west side of the beltway. taking another live look outside, that's the biggest problem at the hawkins point exit. this traffic report is brought to you by toyota. back over to you. talking about cars all in line, this morning's traffic is with danica patrick. >> ladies and gentlemen, let's welcome to baltimore, danica patrick. how's it going? >> it's going fine.
6:48 am
how are you? >> we're doing great. everybody in this city is looking forward to you and all the irl folks come together race on labor day. have you gotten information about baltimore? are you psyched? are you pumped? >> i am. what's odd and it might seem like a sponsor plug but the own are of go daddy's, bob parsons. you guys are known for crab cakes or something like that. maybe this will be my snack before the race. just can't have too much mayo. did the to be lump crab. >> coming to the right place. >> it's like making a dry martina. you hold the jar and put this back. you don't even put it in.
6:49 am
>> cray, we're all -- yeah, we're all excited. >> you know, the roads have to be resurfaced. they'll leave the pothole. >> well, that's probably not good idea. our cars run a pretty low what we call ride height. a pebble op the road is like a mountain to us. hopefully there's no pothole. fell' the only one who knows about it, maybe i can avoid it. >> why should your cars be different than our. >> because you're this far off the ground and we're this far off the ground. >> some streets are really smooth. a good friend of the show is michael strahan. all of you involved have had a personal impact with copd. go ahead and jump in on this and
6:50 am
take it away. >> my grandma had copd. she died in her 60s, mid-60s. it's just a tough disease to watch. he is was in a wheelchair, very thin. she lost a lot of weight. she was on oxygen 24 hours a day. that's not only difficult to live, i'm sure, but to be a part of and to see, and very sad. so really want to do something about it to get people to take awareness to their symptoms. symptoms that you might not think are symptoms like getting out of breath doing occasional things. cigarettes are not good, coughing up themes. those are things you could have chronic bronchitis or emphysema. >> we're trying to get everybody screened. go ahead and talk about that.
6:51 am
>> drive for copd. the screener is right on the front page. we're trying to get a million people screened by the and of the year. would' around half a million. we started this in february. i really think it's going to be a snowball effect. once we all start, it will continue. that's -- that happened with you, baltimore. you, your friends, your family. like i said, it doesn't just affect you but your family. if you don't have the energy to do it for yourself, do it for them and live will better life. live had longer life. >> get the preliminary screening there. >> exactly. drive for listen. anytime there's a sat light interview -- satellite interview. we have you, strahan, bruce jenner. >> thank you very much.
6:52 am
>> listen, the pleasure is our. i can't wait to have you and the irl folks come to town. it's huge for baltimore. everybody is psyched up about this and we'll see you in the winner circle. >> show your support and come out to the race and bring your here plugs. >> by the way, just because he is from baltimore, there's the go daddy website. we'll talk to you later, danica. thanks for being with us. >> thank you. >> we'll see you later, bye-bye. she will be excellent in nascar. who was the biggest earnhardt fans you know. danica is going to be okay in nascar. >> so many people said she couldn't and she hasn't. >> drive,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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here come the updates from sharon, and tim has the weather. >> looking at the day starting off in the 20s with a daytime high around 32. going up to 40 tomorrow. 43 on saturday. we could see the chance of rain. 45 and a chance of back showers as the system moves out. monday and tuesday 32.
6:56 am
overnight lows in the 20s and teens. for a look at the roads, we send it over to sharon gibala. >> reporter: we can show you a live look of the east side of palet ballet where we have an accident on the outer loop ramp. you can see it is causing a jam there. meantime one other accident at moore rave yay road. baltimore street is closed between holiday and gay. there's a look at your drive times and speeds, 45 miles an hour on the top and west sides. there are some delays. the biggest problem is on the east side at quarantine road and the hawkins point. this traffic report is brought to you by maryland highway safety. check point strike force is
6:57 am
back. back over to you. stay with wjz 13,,,,,,,,,,,,
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